Drone Repair

Our pricing for building multirotors “Drones”  includes building, set-up and test flying:

  • 180-440 Size:  $75.00
  • 450-600 Size:  $150.00
  • 610-990 Size:   $250.00
  • 1000+ Size:  $400.00

Have a broken drone or need to add a upgrade?

We can fix most drone whether it’s your home built or a DJI Phantom we can help. Building one yourself and need some guidance we can help. Need help installing a new gimbal or FPV system we can help. We fix almost every brand.

Typical Service Rates Times

Our Labor rate is $60 per hour + parts, 1 hour Minimum. We do not perform warranty work. If you have Warranty work all manufactures have requested that you contact them directly.


We strive to get your Drone repair done ASAP, but with the amount of repairs we do and the nature of the personalized care we give, 24 hr turnaround is not possible. So please be aware that 2 days to 3 weeks is our usual turnaround time. “We know it just needs” statement but seldom is that the case, “drone” are complicated machines and require professional service which we provide from over 30 years in the hobby.  

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